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Final Project Results

The table below summarizes the current project progress.

During this 54-months project, five recombinant human-like Antibodies (IgG), neutralizing Botulinum Neurotoxins (BoNT) A, B and E by targeting their heavy and light chain, were developed. As recombinant human-like antibodies are easy to produce and safe, they represent an alternative to the current treatments (made with equine antibody fragments). The five developed IgGs are usable as an oligoclonal mixture for the treatment of natural botulism (mainly foodborne botulism) and intentional botulism (mainly as a bioweapon). The potential low immunogenicity and the long half-life of the antibodies developed, make possible a prophylactic administration of the antibodies, for people which could be exposed to the botulinum neurotoxins. These IgGs will have to be validated by the sanitary authorities (European Medicines Agency, EMA), and in particular their tolerance in human volunteers will have to be verified, before being considered as a usable medicine. It is possible to develop three different drugs:

  • A combination of two antibodies against BoNT/A heavy and light chains,
  • A combination of two antibodies directed against BoNT/B heavy and light chains,
  • One antibody against BoNT/E.

It is also possible to develop a single drug, composed of the five antibodies directed against all three BoNT/A, B and E.


Project results overview

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