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Neutralizing antibodies against botulinum toxins A,B,E

The Ministere de la Defense (MLD) supported by Absiskey coordinates an International Consortium on Neutralizing antibodies against botulinum toxins A,B,E . This is a collaborative project under the EU's 7th Research Framework Programme in the security research area : SEC-2009-4.3-01 Neutralisation of CBRN effects following a terrorist event.

The ideal result is an oligoclonal cocktail of 6 recombinant, super-humanized IgGs, neutralizing the neurotoxins secreted by all strains of Clostridium botulinum A. B and E. These IgGs will then be developed as medicine registered by EMEA, on credits provided by EDA. This medicine is to become available for biodefense  primarily, but also for natural cases of botulinum intoxications in Europe. This dual-use availability, and information given to practitioners in the course of the project, will ensure real improvement in botulism treatment and its perception by EU citizens.

The AntiBotABE consortium contains a mix of academic and industrial partners with the expertise to carry out highly innovative R&D in this exciting domain.

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